CMI Europe Environnement is a specialist in the treatment of harmful, corrosive and odorous gases. It has invested €100,000 to sharpen its expertise in processing odors and the results are already evident.

There are odors everywhere… and most of the time they are unpleasant! In wastewater treatment plants, household waste sorting centers, in the food industry such as fish canning or slaughterhouse factories, they are even pestilent. For over 20 years, CMI Europe Environnement has therefore designed and manufactured odor treatment equipments, and contributed to sustain neighborhood’s quality of life.

This expertise has been enhanced by investment in a dynamic dilution olfactometer with 8 positions, usually reserved for research laboratories and academic institutions. This is therefore a first in the private sector in Europe.

Unlike electronic noses, dynamic olfactometer uses the capabilities of the human nose.

Estelle VAS, Head of the Processes Department, explains that the regulations on odor treatment evolve and measurement techniques must adapt. Olfactometry is the reference method for characterizing odors and their effects on human perception.

Depending on the chemical composition and the odor intensity of the air samples tested, olfactory thresholds are determined with great precision using this olfactometer. More than 300 samples have been analyzed: this allows not only better evaluation of the processing efficiency of different technologies, but also odor removal devices to be optimized and above all all regulatory standards on emissions to be complied with.

CMI Europe Environnement has acquired capabilities in performance analysis as powerful as an external laboratory, with fast fulfilment and proactivity as well: a service that is well received by its customers!

About CMI Europe Environment

Based in Aspach-Michelbach (Alsace, France), CMI Europe Environnement is part of the Belgian CMI Group, turnkey manufacturer and integrator in the fields of energy, defense, industry and the environment. Its mission is to improve the AIR environmental performance of its customers’ production tools.

About CMI (Cockerill Maintenance & Ingénierie)

CMI designs, installs, upgrades and services equipment for energy, defense, steel-making, the environment and other industry in general. CMI assists clients throughout the whole of the life-cycle of their equipment in order to improve the economic, technical and environmental performance of this equipment. The benefits of CMI are numerous: a unique combination of expertise in engineering, maintenance and the management of international technical projects, a vast geographic and technological scope, and an ability to innovate in accordance with the concrete needs of its customers. CMI numbers 4 700 experienced employees in Africa, Brazil, China, Europe, India, New Caledonia, Mexico, Russia and the United States.