Our solutions for treatment of polluted exhaust air

CMI Europe Environnement can offer its customers optimal solutions for controlling their gas emissions in compliance with the highest standards in force. By offering various technologies related to the treatment of air pollution, singly or combined, to respond to a very broad spectrum of challenging customer issues, CMI Europe Environnement implements 3 key skills:

1 - process engineering

our know-how in process engineering allows each customer to benefit from an expertise in the chemistry of pollutants treatment.

From very diverse sources, polluting gas emissions are highly variable. According to the chemical combinations and the operating conditions, the concentrations and frequency of emission of the pollutants, CMI Europe Environnement provides to its customers the best technical-economic answer.

Examples of pollutants treated by our systems:

Odorous compounds

Sulphur: Hydrogen sulphide, Mercaptans…

Nitrogen: Ammonia, Amines…

Volatile organic compounds

Aliphatics: heptane, hexane, mineral oils…

Aromatics: benzene, toluene, xylene…

Alcohols: methanol, IP/alcohol isopropyl…

Ketones: acetone, MEK/methylethylketone…

Esters: acetates of ethyl, butyl…

Chlorines: perchlorethylene, dichloromethane…

Toxic/corrosive compounds






Nitrogen oxides





2 - aeraulic expertise ensures a perfectly controlled transfer of fluids

our aeraulic expertise

ensures our customers a perfectly controlled transfer of fluids: from the sizing of complete ventilation systems to their maintenance, via their manufacturing and their commissioning.

Range of centrifugal fans

Other ranges of fans

Use our FAN SELECTOR software: free license upon request.

Download our free FAN SELECTOR application. After its initial installation, a key will be given to receive your free personal license.

Ventilation network of a composting station
Ventilation network of a composting station
3 - Thermoplastic welding

Thermoplastic welding:

Thermoplastics present excellent properties of resistance to chemical attacks. The carrying out of our treatment solutions in these materials is thus wholly natural!

As in metal boiler making, the work of thermoplastics requires specific skills about material and its transformation of which our manufacturing teams have perfect knowledge. The manufacturing of the equipment which we design is not only a pledge of reliability to our customers, but also the guarantee of complete mastery of our services.

Our services: from modeling pollutant dispersion to maintenance of your installation.

CMI Europe Environment's Services
maintenance service and after-sales service for air pollution control facilities

Our maintenance and after-sales service

operate on all air pollution control facilities (gas scrubbing, stripping, biofiltration and filtration on activated carbon) for:

  • supply and replacement of parts and consumables
  • inspection and/or preventive and corrective maintenance with a one-time, semi-annual, annual maintenance contract
  • supply of activated carbon, replacement by a specialist team, waste evacuation and disposal
  • diagnosis of the operation of treatment installations and optimization advice (audit, aeraulic monitoring, etc.)