For treating industrial polluted air, discover our means and our capacity to innovate

Treatment of polluted air: Man at the heart of the process

Highly qualified teams at your service:

  • engineering teams for understanding complex problems and bringing a tailor-made response, at the design stage as well as carrying it out
  • manufacturing teams expert in plastic welding
  • assembling and commissioning teams authorized to electrical work, to uranium chemical risks prevention N1, to chemical risks, to work in ATEX aera, to safe driving aptitude certificate , to handle scaffolding/platforms, works-at-height…

A capacity for permanent innovation for treating polluted air

Dedicated PhDs, engineers and technicians in the R & D department work together:

  • to audit installations
  •  to determine presence of pollutants
  •  to define treatment methods and optimal sizings
  •  to seek innovative treatment solutions
  •  to carry out measurements and performance tests

With this intention, CMI Europe Environnement makes available:

  • analytical research in a laboratory equipped with an olfactometer 8 stations, chromatographs, of a pilot hall
  • methods of intervention on site to perform sample tests
  • pilot equipment intended for hiring within the framework of a feasibility test, with intervention on site to ensure its follow-up
    • Scrubbers with or without chemical reagent
    • Biofilters and biotrickling filters
    • Strippers
    • Activated carbon filters
    • Adsorption-desorption installations on activated carbon (AMCEC technology)
    • Scrubbers for VOCs treatment (non-gas liquid phase)
    • Dust extractors for hot and cold gases
R&D stripping lab
R&D CMI Europe Environnement

R&D Missions

  • Typify the atmospheric emissions on site (olfactometry, air flow and concentration of pollutants) in order to design and size the system of appropriate treatment
  • Monitor and optimize the operating parameters of an installation (quality of scrubbing solution used in the air scrubber, level of humidity of the biofilters…)
  • Evaluate performances of a pilot unit (output of an ammonia stripper for example)
  • Carry out guarantee tests before the handover of the facility.

Production capacity

With 8,400 m² of workshops, CMI Europe Environment can produce standard equipment outside the normal range such as scrubbers of more than 4,000 mms in diameter.

We are at the service of our customers all over the world, from our workshops in France and Hungary, as well as through our international network of partners.

Tests and monitoring throughout the manufacturing process

Production of an air treatment equipment

  • Sealing test for air treatment equipment
  • Test of the fan features: test bench
  • Adherence to TUV standards, etc.
  • Performance monitoring carried out in-house according to the approved standards for laboratories
  • Quality management throughout the project

Supervision of the entire research cycle: from design up to commissioning and performance monitoring of our installations.